Canon EOS-M

EOS-M got available in Japan and I got 1st report on it.  I look forward to receiving them ASAP in US…..

Since it has no EVF,  I wonder how it easy to use for nature photography. But instead, I expect the mirrorless structure will be good for astro. Especially no mirror box seems to be big advantage. The customers who already pre-ordered the modified EOS-M own super fast scopes like F3. When they use such optics, mirror box makes vignetting much. If your current image has square shadow like the window frame, EOS-M should be the solution.

According to BORG, lowpass effect looks like less than any other Canon cameras. But as initial feeling, Olympus and Fuji’s X-Pro1 are still further less effect.  Anyway, these are result taken with EOS-M and 50FL.

1/2500″ at ISO 1600



~ by tedishikawa on October 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Canon EOS-M”

  1. What is the effective focal length of this combination?


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