Mini 50

I had the guest from Japan and too busy to update my blog. Now time to get back to normal work.

This year’s PATS was very good for us even the number of vendors were a bit less though.

Mini Tracker (shown in front) with Mini Borg setup had a lot of attention to people.Thanks again for stopping by our booth. Next show will be at Tucson Arizona, November.r

One of BORG users – Paul Chasse sent very interesting comparison shots.

Mini 50 without reducer

With reducer (#7885)

Mini 50 is well known as  high quality achromat still made in Japan and usually used as guider or finder. But we can see it has good potential for imaging. Although pictures show a hints of chromatic aberration, it performs very well as low-cost 210mm/F4.2 telephoto lens. Also two images describes how BORG reducer flattens image field and make image sharper. The reducer improves spherical aberrations, especially g-line. These pictures prove them.   Also Mini 50 can be used regular daytime shots. It re-produces rich color. Although apochromat is indeed sharper, you will see the different-taste of image result, for example film-like image.


~ by tedishikawa on September 28, 2012.

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