Fuji X-E1

As you are aware, Fujifim announced a new camera – X-E1. This should be a wonderful camera for nature photography too. EVF looks OEL highest quality as of today. The unique lowpass-less X-trans sensor seems to be same as X-Pro1. So the image result is promising when high quality optics like BORG is used. We can expect following grade of images. All were taken with 45EDII + 7870 (0.7x super reducer) + X-Pro by Noboru Nakagawa. This is 270mmF5 super sharp telephoto lens.

Super reducer makes image super sharp entire image sensor (actually up to full frame sensors). Bokeh is soft and beautiful in all of area.  BORG and Fuji X-Trans CMOS sensor should be most powerful combination for nature photography. Unfortunately the camera has no image stabilizer though. But this image quality makes me give up  stabilizer. Definitely I will test myself once X-E1 will get available in the market.

One of astro friends owns X-Pro and Fujinon lenses. He was really happy for its performance. Fujifim looks doing great job.


~ by tedishikawa on September 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “Fuji X-E1”

  1. Ted,

    What is the weight of the lens system from the front of the 45ED back to the camera?

    Thanks, and nice images from the 45ED II and Fuji.


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