M75 Iris

There is no iris in telescopes. It’s good for astronomy since all of targets are infinity distance. But nature photography is  different story. It needs something to control the depth of the field.

The above shows M75 iris [7075) is added in Black Borg 77EDII, aka SAKURA. 7075 allows to adjust the internal diameter from 70mm to 10mm. 20-blades iris is virtually round shape, which creates beautiful BOKEH as well. It will be useful to control the brightness of the sun and the moon too.

This is an another shot with 71FL + E-M5 taken by Daitoshi.

Also we can see his nice video.

After viewing his YouTube video,  fortunately I found out JAXA’s promotional video which is describing what HTV-3, called “Kounotori-3”, transported this time and what kinds of technology are used. It’s 15 minutes video. If you have the time, take a look at.



I’m proud of Japanese technology of HTV as cargo spacecraft and H2B as rocket.

Finally, this is completely off the topics. But I wanted to share this beauty with you since this looks greatest fireworks I’ve ever seen (in the picture though……).  Although I didn’t know, I was told Kumamo fireworks are one of greatest every year. All of Japanese fireworks are great. But indeed this must be greatest. See why

Wow!! I wish to see the real ones…….


~ by tedishikawa on August 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “M75 Iris”

  1. Hello,
    Is the iris a part of the Black Borg 77ED II? If no, then how much does that cost? Is there anyway to get the Iris closer to the camera? When working from a hide it would be nice not having to have your hand outside while stopping down.
    And last bur not least are there any european dealers for this setup?
    The setup is very cool, but importing from outside the EU will add a good 35% to the price for me.

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