Black BORG

71FL is now available as the complete set as well. (The objective hood is still white though)

Part # 6173,  Black BORG 71FL : $1,875.00

Part # 6183, Black BORG 77EDII : $1,595.00

71FL is 400mm F5.6 and 77EDII is 510mm F6.6 telephoto lenses, which should be compared with Canon and Nikon telephoto lenses.



~ by tedishikawa on August 28, 2012.

5 Responses to “Black BORG”

  1. Ted, those are so beautiful and so enticing!! What comes with “Part # 6173?



  2. 6173’s back end is #7000. So what additionally needed is only each camera adapter. The set comes with a padded carrying bag. Since the hood is white, you might like using camouflage tape as well.

  3. Thanks, Ted.

    I assume the 6173 scope goes back to the part with the thumbscrew on the side and what appears to be an inscription on the top. This is the part directly behind the foot.

    Is the knurled ring, just in front of the foot, the focuser??

    Appreciate your help.


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