Pocket BORG & H2B Rocket

Pocket BORG, called “pencil BORG” in Japan, is only available here in US by special arrangement. It is 25mm aperture F7 (175mm focal length)

Pocket BORG + Pentax Q taken by Mott

According to him, the launching site was 7km away from him.  It looks taken much closer.  I feel vivid from the picture. Very nice! Since Pentax Q’s sensor is really tiny, this combination’s focal length is 963mm – 35mm equivalent.

This is how Pocket BORG looks like.

This is quite small aperture. But the lens is seriously polished. So the performance is still a kind of real telescope.  Just 25mm aperture and F7 (relatively slow).  So I guess there is barely aberrations.

BTW, Japan’s rocket – H2B (improved version from H2A) launching looks going well.  No failure these days. For the time being, H2B should play the important role on transporting food and equipment into ISS until NASA’s new rocket is coming up.


~ by tedishikawa on August 27, 2012.

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