BORG Fluorite & Fuji X-Pro1

These are taken by Mr. Nara – Noboru Nakagawa. These pictures encourage me to tell BORG fluorite and Fuji X-Pro is  the best combination in the world at this moment.

50FL F5.6 (w/0.7x super reducer) + Fuji X-Pro 1

50FL F5.6 + Olympus E-M5

E-M5 image looks good too. But comparing with XPro 1, E-M5 image looks more applying the software sharpness as default while X-Pro 1 looks more RAW or natural or “uncooked”.  Fine details are well resolved by X-Pro1 without losing softness. Generally Olympus cameras seem to have less low-pass effect than others. But X-Pro 1 is claimed as  no low-pass. I think that might be main factor in-between. I wish X-Pro 1 was easier to operate. I look forward to X-Pro 2 or whatever next model after the functionality will get better.



~ by tedishikawa on August 23, 2012.

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