Ultimate Portable System

I think this is the ultimate portable tracking system with the real telescopes while maintaining the high quality.

I just setup the polar alignment using iPhone apps. It takes just a couple of minutes. And the mount keeps the sun within field of view (30x) more than 20 minutes. Slow motion controls are very useful for centering the target. 2″ fluorite optics (50FL) along with erecting mirror diagonal creates super sharp and high contrast image.  71FL should be fine too. Or maybe better in the weight balance. 50FL is way back heavy. I highly recommend this kind of system to the Ha solar filter users. Unfortunately solar events at the northern hemisphere this year have been done. But this should be useful for the total eclipse events as well.This mini tracker, made in Japan, allows to set 5 speeds – sidereal, solar, lunar, 0.5x and 50x from the controller. This is the ultimate grab-n-go system.


~ by tedishikawa on August 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “Ultimate Portable System”

  1. Hey Ted,

    Does it track accurately enough to do AP?

    Are you the US dealer? If not, where is it available?

    What’s this mini-tracker called?



  2. Yes, Hutech is one of US dealers. About imaging performance, it’s heavily depending on the accuracy of polar alignment. In my testing, max exposure time is 2 minutes at 50mm focal length by my quick polar alignment through a hole. The lack of optical polar scope is the main reason. In Japan, someone use an external polar scope. I”m sure that should increase the tracking capability. But it makes the total cost more and as a result, it will be different from the original product concept. If someone is requiring for longer exposure and longer focal length, they should use other types of compact tracking mount. So in my opinion, this mount should be for landscape/night sky imaging or casual observing with small scopes.

  3. Thanks, Ted.


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