Black BORG

I got several same questions on Black BORG 77EDII.

1) 77EDII’s speed is a bit slower on spec sheet. But actual speed should be very close to Canon and Nikon because of less number of lens elements. As mentioned here several times, I was always feeling so in astro photography. Less number of elements should achieve higher color contrast too. That should be more benefit.

2) No AF and IS capability. But the cameras like E-M5 fill such gaps.

Actually manual focusing makes imaging fun as hobby.

Black BORG 77EDII + M75 Iris + Olympus E-P3


~ by tedishikawa on August 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “Black BORG”

  1. Hey Ted, I wouldn’t expect AF and IS on a nice doublet telescope. I don’t have any scopes with those!

    I use manual focusing about 95% of the time when doing AP with a DSLR. With filters in the mix, I find MF to do better, especially when the cam has live view that can be magnified. A Bahtinov mask helps, as well.

    I’m seriously considering a Borg 77EDII with its 510mm native FL.


  2. Perry

    Yes, manual focusing is fun. Today’s DSLRs make it much easier too.
    High speed targets are not suitable though.


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