Astro Photo by E-M5H

I did the initial test with E-M5H(clear filter version) and 45mm lens. This was taken from my backyard. Not too bright but not very dark. I don’t think I can achieve this level without LPS-V4. Again, the filter does very good job. Also the camera doesn’t block any wavelength. So at least I need something to block UV and IR as well.

E-M5H + LPS-V4 + 45mm F1.8(at F3.2), 4 x 2 minutes at ISO400

No dark and flat applied. There is no software which allows to do so far. This lens creates red fringe around stars. So most of stars turns red. It might not be well corrected in deep red region. Next I want to try another test with the telescope. I can’t say how it is compared with Canon at this moment. But let me guess. This image was taken at F3.2. But as mentioned always, actual speed of telescopes are around two stop faster than camera lenses. So optically F3.2 shouldn’t be faster than BORG F3.9 I’m usually using. I believe it’s slower than BORG F3.9 at least. I set ISO800 in Canon usually while above was ISO 400. Histogram shows 1 minute exposure might be  long enough at ISO 400 or 2 minutes at ISO 200 might be OK too. So feels like E-M5’s sensor is very sensitive at Ha.  I will keep testing to see more about this camera.


~ by tedishikawa on August 9, 2012.

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