Ultra Compact Tracking Mount

This is 60mm x 100mm tiny motorized tracking mount, produced in Japan and is getting hot there. Yes, it’s Japanese taste. But I wanted to know how other people are feeling. So I decided to carry on trial basis to see the market response. The external controller (included) allows to change motor direction(forward/reverse) and speed(1x/0.5x).

The picture shows Mini Borg 50. But according to BORG, the mount can handle 71FL in visual use. One of key parts in this system is the angle of mounting plate. It is fixed at 35 degree (based on Japan’s middle latitude). This angle plate makes the system’s gravity center move toward the center of tripod. So it makes all stable.

I plan to offer tracker, fork mount and plate as a package. Tracker has 1/4″-20 at the center, which allows to set conventional ball head too. This should be perfect travel system for solar eclipse etc or casual table-top observing.

~ by tedishikawa on August 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Ultra Compact Tracking Mount”

  1. I saw this on Tomytec a little while back and I’m glad to see it come to the US. How much will it be?

  2. Josh
    Tracker itself will be around $300.

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