Sun & Moon

There are two kinds of IDAS UV/IR blocking filters. Major difference in-between is cutoff line at short wavelength side. One is to cut below 400nm and another is to cut above 400nm. The below-400nm one is passing solar Ca K line – 393nm. So it work as energy rejection filter while passing Ca K, unlike other filters. Usually I was told Daystar owners used this filter. But this is the one with PST taken by Andy Dodson, New Zealand.

Following is the result used with tiny 2″ scope. But surprisingly he stacked two 1.4x teleconverters. I didn’t know two stacking did work. It looks very sharp.

50FL + 7215(1.4x) + 7214(1.4x) + NEX-7 taken by Kumio Yamada

I feel like I’m looking at the moon from Apollo orbiting ship.


~ by tedishikawa on August 7, 2012.

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