UV/IR E-M5H Ready

Olympus UV/IR camera is now ready. IDAS, Japanese premium wide-band multicoated filter was replaced with the original lowpass filter, so that the camera gets capable of capturing from UV to near IR wavelength. Because of Sony-made sensor, it looks well sensitive in IR region.

UV/IR E-M5H + Kenko R72 filter

With Kenko R72 (IR filter)

With IDAS Berylir filter

Now the camera is fully capable of H-alpha wavelength. So I’m very curious how it works out for astro use. As mentioned several times here, built-in EVF is very useful. EVF allows for human eye to see IR image while regular optical viewfinder doesn’t.  This should be big advantage. AF is still fully functional. Unlike conventional phase detection focusing,  contrast AF cancels optics chromatic aberration problem. This is very good too since most of lenses are not designed to correct aberrations in UV and IR spectrum range. So this should be perfect cameras for special scientific imaging including forensic and bio etc, and nature landscape photography.  I will keep updated on astro performance.

~ by tedishikawa on August 3, 2012.

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