Super Rich Field Telescope (SRFT50)

I tested BORG 50(250mm focal length) with my 2″ 42mm eyepiece last night. Borg 50 creates very flat field entire 10-degree actual field of view. It was wonderful viewing with pin-point stars entire FOV. I’ve never seen such clean and sharp image with any conventional binoculars. So I thought I wanted to share this fun with other people. I don’t think any other telescopes can do the same. I was told BORG achromat created flat field. What I saw reminded me of someone’s comment. Yes, that’s great 50mm achromat. Now Super Rich Field Telescope 50mm (#SRFT50) is available as package. Since the helical focuser has only 10mm focus travel, the package comes with 3 different length of extension tubes, which allow to adjust the mechanical length based on each eyepiece’s focusing point.

SRFT50 package including #1/#2/#3 extension tubes (#3 is set in the system)

SRFT50 can be mounted onto BORG fork mount(#3101) without any extra parts. Compact setup!

Mounting bracket (#7157) has 3 x 1/4″-20 holes at the bottom

With 2″ erecting prism – super finder scope!

The package price is $459.00 (All are manufactured-in-Japan parts)

For BORG users  who already own key parts, try to build up similar configurations. I promise you will enjoy with wide and clean view. One day I will build it up as binoscope.

For Feather Touch users, I highly recommend FTF configuration shown several days ago.


~ by tedishikawa on July 17, 2012.

One Response to “Super Rich Field Telescope (SRFT50)”

  1. Dear Mr. Ishikawa , I write why I’ve recently acquired MiniBorg SRFT 50 (Alpha Cygni -Spain ) . To my surprise, in his review says the perfect flat field (pint-point stars entire FOV) with SFRT and GSO SuperView 42mm eyepiece .
    It is a sensitive issue : the eyepiece GSO has a bad name to correct edges to F / 5 . For my part, I’ve tried the SRFT50 with William Optics SWAN 40 and the expected result has been disastrous. SWAN 40 is very bad at short focal ratios . As read by the web , the GSO is a bit better than SWAN40 in behavior edges ( but not too much , and far from Panoptic 41 Pentax XW … ) . I wonder : does a flat field from edge to edge , with an eyepiece GSO features , designed for F/7-F/10 is possible?.

    So, I can think of 2 things:

    – That the curvature GS0 42mm eyepiece is well adapted to the curvature of the lens MiniBorg50 ( make a good marriage ) .
    – That you exaggerated a bit in the review.

    Before I decided to buy a maximum field eyepiece to replace SWAN40 , would appreciate much your comments. Do you recommend the GSO 42mm Superview for SFRT50 ?

    I await your response
    Thank you very much

    Eduard Garcia Ribera

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