Olympus 45mm F1.8

This is my 1st lens which satisfies astro performance in full aperture. Yes, sensor size is half of full frame. So I understand it is relatively easier to design and produce. But in any cases, this performance surprised me a lot. See my initial test at my backyard last night. No fancy at all. Marine layer came up soon. So I could take only a couple of shots. But I hope you can somehow see the performance.

full size taken with E-M5 at F1.8 full aperture

Uneven illumination results from the sky and cloud. The optical illumination looks still very flat even in full aperture.

Cropped at the center

Cropped at one corner

Since I didn’t have enough time for longer exposure, stars are not taken much. But at least I can see no big distortion at each corner. Stars are still round-like shape. Although E-M5 is not modified yet, I plan to take some astro shots with 45mm F1.8 and E-M5 this weekend. Since E-M5 uses Sony-made sensor, I believe it is very sensitive in infrared region. So the camera should be very sensitive at Ha wavelength too. So this combination is getting promising as astro gear. Another good thing is this lens allows to use 37mm filters. Yes, we can use IDAS LPS 37mm filters which are originally designed for Canon as body-mounted filters. So modified E-M5 + 45mm F1.8 and LPS-V4 37mm should be perfect wide-field astro gear. I planned to convert this camera when another E-M5 came in. But unfortunately they are still backordered. Because of this excellent result for astro, this lens should perform for regular daylight shots as well. Really wonderful lens. Newer ED  75mm F1.8 must outperform this. Personally I’m very curious ED 12mm F2.0.  It should be excellent too.

~ by tedishikawa on July 17, 2012.

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