Canon 60Da vs 60DH

I got interesting data from Henry Cancienne. It’s the comparison between his used-to-be-owned 60Da and 60DH(Hutech).



After a bit tweaking color balance for more fair comparison,

This result is what I was expecting. It is obvious 60DH shows more faint nebulosity around M8 region. Although each shot date/time, and probably angle are different, at least he used same lens and exposure. M8 is very bright object.  So it’s OK even for 60Da. But faint target should be very tough. Also if someone make bright star test, you will see the huge halos around bright stars in 60Da.


~ by tedishikawa on July 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Canon 60Da vs 60DH”

  1. Same lens, same exposure??

    Then why is the 60DH image rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise relative to the 60Da????

    It’s a known fact that the 60Da is not as hydrogen-alpha sensitive as a Hap Griffin mod, or a Gary Honis mod, or a Hutech mod with IR/UV cutoffs in place of the original stock Canon IR filter on the 60D.

    With the 60Da, one doesn’t need a custom white balance to take terrestrial photos. But Henry doesn’t show a comparison of those!

    Please, Ted, let’s tell the whole story.


  2. Image rotation? I don’t think it’s the important issue in this comparison. As I described here, these were not taken at the same date and time since he didn’t have 60Da any more.

    For daytime shot, strictly speaking 60Da should need to adjust the color balance, especially IR-dominant condition. According to 60Da users who contacted Hutech, they were looking for the daylight filter which allows to shoot in AWB mode like Hutech VLC filter.

    In any cases, each user has each different factor for the purchase decision. My intention was not to describe which is good or not. I wanted to point out the difference of Ha sensitivity and internal reflection. That’s all.

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