6X Magnification

This setup might be interesting to the wide-field viewing enthusiast. As you can imagine, weight balance is way back heavy. But AOK adapter is well designed to offset the balance issue. So this is in balance.

2050 + 7602 + AOK adapter + FTF + 2″ diagonal/eyepiece(GSO 42mm)

Mini Borg 50’s focal length is 250mm while this eyepiece is 42mm. So it’s about 6x magnification. Very wide!! I attempted the rough measurement. Actual FOV looks at least having 10 degree. I will try to figure out more accurately later on. Although I never use Mini 50 for visual observing, I hope image quality at FOV edge might be better than any conventional binoculars. Unfortunately, I have only one AOK adapter at this moment. Once I get the another, I will build up the 6X binoscopes. It should be wonderful binoviewing. Fortunately, current bino platform allows to use 50mm to 125mm. Like that, this adapter allows to use all other Mini BORGs. Each magnification will  in case of 2″ eyepiece I own.

Mini 50 : 6x

45EDII : 7.7x

60ED : 8.3x

71FL : 9.5x

I will keep posted on the result under the night sky. This AOK adapter is really fun to use. Highly recommended for users who own Mini Borg’s and regular 2″ Feather Touch focusers.


~ by tedishikawa on July 12, 2012.

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