0.7x Triplet Super Reducer Adapter

7870 triplet APO super reducer is getting popular these days and 2nd production lot has been sold out quickly. Thank you, all of 7870 users. (We are waiting for 3rd lot coming up). Now this reducer should be more popular since the AOK-made special adapter allows to work with non-BORG telescopes.

Because of 0.7x reduction ratio, the focusing point moves way inward with this reducer. As a result, the reducer mechanically didn’t work with regular refractors. But now this is the solution. The adapter allows the reducer to set inside 2″ focuser. So most of refractors will have more chance to reach the focus at the infinity. In my test, the focuser moves 13mm inward from the focusing point with 2″ diagonal and 2″ eyepiece. So I can say roughly, as long as your telescopes have 20mm extra back focus with 2″ diagonal visually, the reducer mechanically and of course optically works with your refractors.

Fortunately, you can set back to the original condition if you wish. The reducer has the multi-focal length design (300mm to 1000mm) and now standard 2″ attachment. So this makes this completely multi and universal super reducer. European customers can purchase from AOK directly. Now it is available at Hutech as well. I’d like to highly recommend non-BORG owners who are looking for faster speed and wider image field. This reducer covers full frame sensors.

Meanwhile, new lot of 0.65x 4-element APO reducer(7704) comes in stock as well. We are planning a kind of “7704 welcome back sale” shortly.


~ by tedishikawa on July 11, 2012.

3 Responses to “0.7x Triplet Super Reducer Adapter”

  1. Ted, would this work with a 71fl and BU1 combination?

    • Matt

      Unfortunately BU1 is too long for 71FL + 7870.


      • Matt,

        Thanks for your call.
        AOK adapter makes focusing closer. But unfortunately it was still too long. One problem is that we have to add M57 threaded 2″ holder such as 7504. The adapter allows to move the reducer inward. But 7504 makes the reducer move back.


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