Wonderful E-M5 Image Stabilizer

I just start using E-M5 with BORG 71FL/F5.6

I don’t hesitate saying this is the perfect combination – crisp clear 71mm fluorite polished by Canon and superb camera Olympus E-M5. Its IS makes EVF’s image totally still even if I’m holding 400mm scope. I was shocked how IS worked well when I pressed shutter button halfway. Brighter EVF and no shaking image don’t force me to enlarge during focusing. Wonderful camera!! Unfortunately, there was no target in front of my office today. So instead, I’d like to show a picture taken with exactly same setup by Mr. BORG – Noboru Nakagwa. This camera really makes manual focusing fun. That’s good as hobby.

Again, take a look at beautiful bokeh.


~ by tedishikawa on June 22, 2012.

One Response to “Wonderful E-M5 Image Stabilizer”

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