Olympus E-M5 with El-Nikkor

Finally we start carrying Olympus cameras as one of the authorized dealers. First I played it around with Nikkor lens.

Very cool. Looks very classic like old film camera. (Personally I like silver body. But still backordered…. )  Manual shooting is very fun. This reminds me of old film era. As far as I know, E-M5’s viewfinder is the same (hardware wise made by Epson) as VF-2 I was using with E-PL1. But much easier to see focus depth. Probably software engine might be improved. I might not need EVF’s zoom-up mode.

We will convert E-M5 into UV/IR camera. We replace the original color correction filter with IDAS clear filter, so that it will be capable of UV and IR imaging. Built-in EVF must be the winner for UV and IR imaging. Optical viewfinder doesn’t work at all when UV or IR filter is set in front of lens. Totally too black for human eye to see through optical viewfinder.   Tonight I try to shoot astro photo to see how this camera is suitable for astro. Before that, I quickly tested dark frame. Probably following must be same color as background.This is unstretched one. So download and stretch to see yourself if interested. This dark frame encourages me a lot to modify the camera for astro use. This is 5 minutes exposure at ISO800.  Extremely low noise!! Final judgment must be done with RAW file since JPEG might be automatically cooked as default.  In any cases, this quality is a couple different grade from my E-PL1 sensor. The rumor says E-M5’s sensor is Sony-made. This result might justify this guess.  Also I’m very curious how El-Nikkor performs for astrophotography. This El-Nikkor is 50mm focal length. So 100mm equivalent to full frame. That’s good length for astro. Keep an eye open on this.

Following is a shot taken by my wife, Mia.

BORG 50FL (400mm f.l.) + E-M5

Unfortunately there is only noisy mocking bird in front of our office……. E-M5’s image stabilizer is very useful and effective. I will report how E-M5 works with BORG system next.



~ by tedishikawa on June 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “Olympus E-M5 with El-Nikkor”

  1. Mia’s nice shot captured that noisy mockingbird in its most frequent attitude – with its bill open.

  2. Thanks. This kind of a bird is still very noisy at our backyard even nighttime. I wonder when they are sleeping.

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