M8 & M20 by 125SD

These are quite common targets. I wanted to see how 125SD with a flattener created the image since I didn’t have the chance with 125SD F6.5 setup before. I made quick review for my last weekend result. This is one 7 minute frame without dark and flat applied. I just applied Level from RAW.Yes, very noisy. But this might be good way to show you as the uncooked image.

125SD F6.5 (w/7108 1.08x flattener = 810mm f.l.) + 5D Mark II + LPS-V4-52, 1 x 7 minute

RAW images obviously looked the underexposure. I took images like other F4 configuration like 125SD F3.9. I needed more photon. That’s my mistake. I should have set longer exposure, at least 10 minutes a frame. Since M8’s core was not saturated, I could do that.  Anyway,  LPS V4 filter looks good job to maintain the background darker. Somehow I captured faint nebulosity around M8 and M20. I don’t think I need to take the flat when 7108 flattener is used. It looks very flat entire full frame sensor. And 125SD worked as expected too.


~ by tedishikawa on June 20, 2012.

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