El-Nikkor Lens

El-Nikkor is well known as high resolution optics. Fortunately, short flange back cameras like micro 4/3rds allow to reach focus at infinity which was not possible in Reflex cameras. Here is my initial test.

El-Nikkor 50mm /f2.8 + E-PL1 taken at F2.8 full aperture

To see the optical performance, I took at full aperture.  Looks good to me as full aperture. Here is my setup.

E-Nikkor 50/2.8 + 7844 +7840 + 7843 + 5011 + E-PL1

This configuration allows to reach focus at the infinity. You can do the same with Fuji X-Pro1 and Sony NEX too.

50/2.8 + 7844 + 7840 + 7843 + 5016 + X-1Pro

This looks very nice. It’s a kind of Fujinon original lens designed for X-Pro 1.

BORG M42 system can been seen at BORG parts catalog. Download PDF file

parts catalog

For the infinity, definitely we need to use 7840 – low-profile helical focuser. For more closeup, 7842 is recommended.This is firefly taken with X-Pro 1 and El-Nikkor by Noboru Nakagawa.

EL 50/2.8 + X-Pro 1, 30″


~ by tedishikawa on June 19, 2012.

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