Icepacked Sony NEX-5N

As I posted before, Sony NEX–5N was really low noise camera.  You can see previous my post at


Now I set an ice pack at the back.

It’s not quite fancy at all. But I’m interested in knowing how effective it is. Here is the result. This is same 10 minute dark with an icepack and fully stretched. Probably it’s hard to see since my blog background is also black. But there is the image. This icepack’s surface doesn’t get wet much as I expected. It’s wet. But at least no water formation. It’s a kind of texture-type material unlike vinyl. So only dew is formed on hinged metal part. As long as a camera is facing up and is not set upside down, probably there is no risk for water’s coming into the body. Only hinge is the place for this concern.

It works!!. Almost totally black. But a new problem happened. Unknown blue illumination came up. I took another shot while totally covering a body. But still there. So this might be something inside a camera when a body or the sensor was cooled. I’m not sure. One idea is to neglect this and crop upper left. Anyway I hope I can make real shots  under the sky this weekend. Unfortunately, my backyard is quickly covered by marine layer once it turned dark. Only pain for this camera is no remote timer controller and AC power cord. So it might be only one or two target one night. Good thing is the sensor looks so sensitive. Even I used with LPS-V4 filter, feel like I can set the half exposure time of  Canon 5D mark II. Let’s see the result.



~ by tedishikawa on June 13, 2012.

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