Venus transit – 1

Although Orange county club observing site was in windy condition and very poor seeing,  it was somehow clear sky. Thank you! This is my preliminary result.

KENKO solar filter + BORG 125SD (750mm focal length) + Olympus E-PL1

Very special event!!

Following is the images from Barry Schellenberg in Canada. According to him, he was forced to move the location 3 times due to the cloud.

I managed to capture the transit of Venus over the Sun today. The weather was overcast in Calgary today so I had to travel over 400km in order to find “some” cloud free sky. This one certainly tested my patience with all of the clouds. I had to change my position 3 times.

Hope you like them. No one reading this will still be alive the next time Venus crosses the sun in Dec. 2117. That makes today special. On June 5th at 3:09 pm PDT, the second planet begins its historic 7-hour transit of the solar disk. – 1/2 way through – 30 mins in – Second contact



~ by tedishikawa on June 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “Venus transit – 1”

  1. Great looking shots!

  2. Thanks, Mike

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