One shot IR Color

IDAS newly designed IR filter called “Berylir”  creates flase IR color image in one shot. I think this might be 1st filter commercially available in the market.

Modified Sony NEX-5N + Nikon 35mm

KENKO  blue filter is set in front of lens

IR effect is described as red color. Because of one shot color, I thought it might be interested to try and see the video.

IDAS is using a different color of filter – KENKO YA3. So changing color filter in front of lens, we can enjoy several different taste of IR color imaging.

We plan to carry;

1) Berylir filter built-in micro 4/3rds cameras – Olympus and Panasonic

2) Body-mounted 37mm Berylir filter for Canon (camera has to have IR capability)


~ by tedishikawa on May 31, 2012.

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