Solar Eclipse – 4

I just finished up the sequence image.

IDAS UHBD52-82 + BORG 77EDII (510mm focal length) + Olympus E-PL1

Note the color progress toward 4th contact near sunset.  ND filters naturally reproduces the realistic color of the sun. KENKO ND filter does well.

~ by tedishikawa on May 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Solar Eclipse – 4”

  1. Great sequence Ted! I like the linear or the circular presentations. I’m curious about the transit of Venus as to the best presentation method since it will be across the upper right quadrant at a diagonal (at least this is what I’ve been reading). Can you point to some pictures of previous transits that you like that show Venus’ path across the Sun?

    Thanks, Mike GIfford

  2. Thanks, Mike

    Sorry, I don’t have the experience and don’t see any pictures of previous
    Venus transit. I plan to make time lapse movie. But challenge is how I can keep the sun at the center all the time. Otherwise, the sun must move jumping around when we see all frames as movie. I wish to have the observatory. Probably I set up the mount at my backyard and make the polar alignment at the night before Venus transit date. Then, I’m concerned marine layer……. I have to decide what I do soon anyway.


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