This Weekend

I was totally involved in taking care of a lot of number of filter orders these days and too busy to update my blog. Final overnight shipment has been set and ready to go now. I’d like to thank all of you who chose our filters. I believe you will enjoy solar eclipse with this filter.

Now my turn, it is the time to make the actual field test with all of my rig I plan to take. This is the 1st time I used the steady tracking mount for solar imaging (I used to use a conventional camera tripod) and realized how it made focusing and imaging easy since there was virtually no shaking during focusing. I set two scopes side-by-side without X-Y adjustment to align pointing the same direction. Fortunately, the sun is almost  the center in two scopes. Very lucky! So I decided to go this way. And one 125SD is for visual observing as well as Canon binocular with solar filters(probably this will be taken by my wife though).

And I played around a bit. This is today’s sun with the Photoshop moon. I was no intention to create the universe at all. Just I wish to see like this this Sunday.

I will be in office by end of tomorrow. If someone of our filter users have any technical questions, feel free to call to Hutech. I will stand by you entire whole day tomorrow.

Finally, I wish you will have wonderful time during solar eclipse.



~ by tedishikawa on May 17, 2012.

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