AOK Swiss Original Adapter

AOK Swiss – one of Hutech European partners made another unique adapter.  A new AOK original adapter is the one which allows 7870 (o.7x super reducer) to set into 2″ opening without M57 thread. See some setup

This adapter allows for quick switch between visual and imaging with 7870 without changing any adapters since the focusing point in-between is close each other.

Very nice idea!

Moreover, I noticed there is an extra benefit. 7870 requires around 130mm extra back focus. So generally it was quite hard for non-BORG telescopes to reach the focus at the infinity.  But this setup allows to reach focus as long as the scope can use 2″ diagonal. So more telescopes have more chance to use 7870 with it.

If someone is interested, please contact AOK, or hutech for US customers. Indeed, this is very smart idea.  Beat at AOK Swiss is very familiar with BORG systems too. So I highly recommend contacting him if someone have any BORG questions. I’m sure he will give the good solution for you.



~ by tedishikawa on May 9, 2012.

3 Responses to “AOK Swiss Original Adapter”

  1. […] Astronomical Products – Borg Telescopes and Components < standard thread on for Borg tubes. AOK Swiss Original Adapter | DigiBorg < AOK adapter for any 2" focuser. Anyway, yep, I'm using the 7704… Clear skies Phil, […]

  2. Hello,is it for sale in Hutech USA? I could not find this item in the price list.

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