Today’s Sun Spots with BU-1

I used the prototype telephoto lens unit (BU-1) for solar imaging today. Focusing is charm – very smooth and light.

77EDII + BU-1 + E-PL1

IDAS 82mm UHBD52 + 77EDII + E-PL1 1/2000″

I wanted to take faster shutter speed to minimize affecting air turbulence . But unfortunately 1/2000″ is the maximum number in E-PL1. BU-1 will be available next week.

Although I was temporarily using 2 x 7050 to extend, 7150 is best match with BU-1. Above is 150mm black version.

71FL (no need an extension tube)

50FL with7458+7680


~ by tedishikawa on May 8, 2012.

One Response to “Today’s Sun Spots with BU-1”

  1. Hey Ted,

    That setup looks like it could use one of the new mirrorless cams with an articulated LCD screen like the Panasonics.

    I thought the E-PL1 had 1/4000 sec as the fastest shutter speed.

    Neat setups, nevertheless!


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