Today’s Solar Binoviewing

I took Canon binoculars out and noticed so many numbers of spots today. Canon binoculars reminded me how perfect it is for quick solar viewing.

– Portability — grab and go

– Image stabilizer – easy to watch the details without tripod

– Filter thread – safe filter attachment

– Superb optical system- clean image

More numbers of Canon users are ordering IDAS UHB filters these days. Thank you!! Yes, as one of users, I can highly recommend these IDAS filters for clean and safe solar observing.  Since I wanted to share the fun with you, I gathered the equipment I have here and went out.

KENKO 67mm solar filter + Canon 70-200mm F4 (at 200mm/F7.1) + 5D Mark II

Since I didn’t have telescopes today, I had to use telephoto zoom lens with 5D mark II. This setup reminds me how easy to use telescopes with EVF built-in camera.


~ by tedishikawa on April 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Today’s Solar Binoviewing”

  1. I’m wanting to use the Kenko 67 mm solar filter on my Nikon d7000 using either my Sigma 50-500mm with a step-up to 86 mm or my Nikon 70-300mm direct at 67 mm. Is it okay to look through the eyepiece with the Kenko solar filter installed and should I be concerned about camera sensor damage? The May 20 eclipse and later Venus tracking will be my first attempts at photographing these types of events and I’m still doing my research. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks. Mike

    • Mike

      You don’t have to be concerned about the camera sensor. But shouldn’t be using it with eyepiece for visual observing.
      This filter is not designed for visual use. If you are looking for the filter for visual use as well,
      I recommend IDAS 82mm or 52mm one. This is totally safe for human eye.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and comment.


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