I was noticing these days more people look using “Bokeh” as the term of focus blur. As known, “Bokeh” is Japanese slang as one of camera-related terms. (There are many other camera related slang in Japanese, like “Kerare” as mechanical vignetting). Usually we, among Japanese, are discussing how its lens’s “Bokeh Aji” is. Bokeh Aji means the blur or out-of-focus quality. “Aji” means the taste. So it can be described as the taste of out-of-focus image. From old film era, Japanese enjoy Bokeh Aji, which indicates the quality of each lens. Only quality lenses create beautiful and soft bokeh.  Here is the one good example.

71FL + 7870 + E-M5 taken by Noboru Nakagawa



~ by tedishikawa on April 18, 2012.

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