Thank you, 7878(0.78x Triplet Reducer) Users

Finally 7878’s last unit was sold out this week. So this is unfortunately no longer available. Although 7878 was  not as long seller as 7887 (0.85x), this was very good one too. Especially large effective lens diameter achieved flatter illumination entire full frame sensors. Also since this didn’t require huge extra back focus like 0.7x , especially it had good demand for non-BORG scopes. But after 0.7x triplet reducer came up, we lost the specific needs to reproduce 0.78x any more.

Thanks again for owning and using 7878!! Enjoy wonderful imaging with 7878.

So now what currently available are

7108 : 1.08x field flattener

7885 : doublet 0.85x reducer for Mini Borg series

7870 : 0.7x triplet super reducer for the whole range

7704 : quadruplet ED super reducer for 77ED and longer (Next lot : July)



~ by tedishikawa on April 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Thank you, 7878(0.78x Triplet Reducer) Users”

  1. I am glad I got one. I have been using it for 2 years and love it!!! It was nice having you sign my 125SD Dew Shield at NEAF a couple of years ago!

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