E-M5 – #3

Now more pictures are coming up from BORG & E-M5 users. I’m eager to get the camera ASAP too………

125SD + 1.4x teleconverter + E-M5 (ISO400) by Hiroshi Iijima

This is a wonderful moon picture! He mentions E-M5 has much less color noise in dark sections than any others of previous Olympus cameras and more reproduces the fine details around the edge of the shadow. Yes, I agree too.  We can expect it might be able to work for astro use.

50FL + E-M5 handheld by Yoichi Sato

This looks very clean and sharp!

These images assure me BORG+E-M5 is the greatest match.

~ by tedishikawa on April 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “E-M5 – #3”

  1. Ted.

    The Moon looks very sharp.
    Do you know which 1.4X extender is used?

    Thank you.
    Dong Hun

    • Dong Hun

      He used #7215, which is not usually carried by Hutech.
      It’s $100 more cost than #7214.
      I’m sure 7214 still achieves 7215-like performance.


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