SOLAR Filters

I shot with 3 different filters this morning.  See each result.

IDAS D5.2 82mm + BORG 50FL + E-PL1  1/1600″ at ISO320

KENKO D5 67mm + BORG 50FL + E-PL1  1/1600″ at ISO320

American-brand filter + BORG 50FL + E-PL1, 1/640″ at ISO320

Camera AE requires longer shutter speed for the last filter.  If the sun goes down to lower angle, it might be a bit too dark for lower ISO or higher shutter speed. Also I made the following reflection test.

Upper left:=IDAS, Upper right= KENKO & lower= American-brand

I think these reflections prove above each image contrast. Digital sensors are kinds of reflection devices. So the repeated internal reflections between sensors and filters might be more serious issue than film.

~ by tedishikawa on April 3, 2012.

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