E-M5? or X-Pro 1?

I think it is narrowing the camera choice for BORG  to these two cameras – Olympus E-M5 or Fuji X-Pro1. So far, X-Pro 1 looks best match with the top-ranking resolving power optics like BORG.  These images describe that.


As mentioned here several times, X-Pro 1 requires the premium quality optics to maximize its sensor capability.  Another word, X-Pro 1 clearly shows the difference of lens quality. The wildlife photographer – Rei Ohara’s recent pictures describe the same too. 

Rei Ohara’s Blog

E-M5 is now available in Japan. So I expect the 1st impression report by E-M5 and BORG will be coming up next week. As my personal feeling, if E-M5’s image quality is close to X-Pro1’s, I think E-M5 should be better match with BORG at the viewpoint of camera functionality.  Since I’m told Olympus cameras minimize lowpass effect, I expect the image quality will be similar to X-Pro1. Let’s see the news from Japan.




~ by tedishikawa on April 1, 2012.

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