Olympus OM-D

I had meeting with Olympus today and fortunately had chance to attach E-M5 with 50FL.

As expected, it worked well with BORG. EVF’s specs look same as VF-2 used with current E-PL1. But E-M5’s EVF was obviously more contrasty and more transparent. I guess the driver or whatever must be re-designed. This EVF got now much closer to optical viewfinder.  IS looks working well too. But I didn’t have the time to play around while changing setting. So we will see later. Anyway, today test with E-M5 assured me of the best match with BORG.

I’ve seen some others like new lenses and PCM recorders. All are well made. Very impressive. Their engineering and manufacturing staff had great job although their management was in trouble. PCB recorder was one of original plan too. I was told E-M5 will start being shipped middle of April. I can’t wait for 1st delivery from Olympus.  Probably we will modify E-M5 for UV and IR scientific applications. This EVF should be powerful tool in these applications.


~ by tedishikawa on March 22, 2012.

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