Baby Harp Seal’s Breast-feed

This is an another new shot taken by Rei Ohara currently staying in Canada.

71FL + 7214(1.4x teleconverter) + Fuji X-Pro 1

Baby harp seal is pretty cute! and makes me happy-smile.

According to him, handling of Fuji X-Pro 1 is not straight forward. Not easy to use. But the result is one of greatest. Indeed, it looks showing fine details and good contrast to me too. I think no-lowpass filter results in this image quality. Looks best match with BORG scopes so far besides the operational issue.

He is updating his blog – REI OHARA

This reminds me more and more Japanese professional photographers are using BORG scopes these days. BORG require manual focus. But this is saying professional people chooses the image quality rather than the ease of conventional telephoto lenses. Also maybe weight. Probably today’s focus aide allows them to do too.

Personally I’m seriously watching Olympus OM-D, which is expected to be available end of this month. I’d like to start using it with BORG myself as soon as it is ready. Built-in EVF, 5-axis body stabilizer and less lowpass effect must be one of best match with BORG.

Body finish looks very good! Personally I like silver since it looks more classic. Probably this camera will be main one for this year’s my solar event. Sony’s NEX is good camera too. Especially Peaking function is really nice as MF assist. Unfortunately NEX has no body stabilizer while Alpha cameras have. And we don’t need APS-C sized sensors for birding photograph in my opinion. Anyway, I’m very glad many attractive cameras are coming up these days.


~ by tedishikawa on March 2, 2012.

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