KENKO Solar Filter Ready

KENKO solar filter 67mm is available now. I took test shots with the coming KENKO 400mm mirror lens although sky condition was not good at all today. Also unfortunately there are barely spots……

KENKO Solar filter 67mm + KENKO 400mm mirror lens + E-PL1

I will try to re-shoot in good condition. But Japanese-made well-polished glass filter is promising. I’m confident the filter creates good contrast solar images.

As you can see above setup, KENKO 400mm lens, which is expected to be available end of this month,  is the winner in size. Very compact and light!! Quite easy to carry and setup. Also price will be very reasonable. Looks around middle of 200.00. This combo should be perfect for who are looking for long telephoto lens at the reasonable cost. Mirror lens has the correction lenses at the rear. Also there is a glass plate in front like SCT. But I’m not sure whether it is correcting plate or not. Probably not.

67mm filter also allows to use with BORG 45/50 & 60 with stepping rings.



~ by tedishikawa on March 1, 2012.

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