BORG Fever in Japan

I had meeting with BORG last week. A lot of new items are being prepared. I’d like to announce one by one shortly. What I was surprised were that most of Japanese camera manufacturers are now keeping their eyes opened on BORG movement.  This is one example. Each page describes the details how to use BORG while changing several different cameras.

As super telephoto lenses, BORG works with virtually any cameras and outperforms the existing camera lenses. So I guess they got to know they couldn’t neglect this trend.  I was told BORG has the relationship with all of Japanese camera manufactures now. Even one of my friends who was nothing to do with astronomy knew about BORG. It surprised me a lot.

BTW, I was touching and playing around with BU-1 – telephoto lens unit.

Indeed it was really cool!! Yes, BORG plans to carry black hood for most of objectives.  It will be available end of April. Vixen-compatible mounting bracket has 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads. And Arca Swiss-compatible mount will be available for serious nature photographers too. Personally I’m eager to use BU-1 with Olympus new micro 4/3rds – OM-D ASAP.


~ by tedishikawa on February 27, 2012.

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