I was planning to stop carrying OAG5 and totally replace it with low-profile OAG7. I thought low-profile body is always better. But I noticed guide port is too short in some applications (depending on cameras) and a bit harder to make the par-focal between guide and imaging ports. Also I had a lot of very good feedback on OAG5 from all of customers. So I decided to resume carrying OAG5. Following is the setup by one of OAG5 users – Peter Nagy. As long as the scope has a plenty of back focus (around 80 to 90mm long), OAG5 is still best match.

Also we can see his interesting projects and very nice images which explains how OAG is useful for long exposure with SCT scopes. His image results should encourage SCT users to try to shoot the long exposure even with SCT scopes.



~ by tedishikawa on February 11, 2012.

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