Following is the 10 minutes dark at ISO 800. Room was 72F degree.

Image is fully stretched!! No noise reduction ON

Where are hot pixels? Surprisingly barely visible. BTW, following was fully-stretched my 5D Mark II dark (10minutes at ISO800) in same room. Yes, 5D’s result is very familiar to me.

I was not sure how two images should be stretched for fair comparison. Anyway I applied NEX’s maximum number to 5DMark II. So 5D’s highlight is saturated. In any cases, NEX’s result encourages me a lot to point deep sky objects.

There is one issue – how to control NEX. I got wireless remote controller. So far, this is only way. The camera has mini-USB. But since Sony’s original software doesn’t have the function to control camera, the camera might have no ability to be remotely controlled even if someone will try to develop software.  So I think this must be done mechanically(?) for the time being. This is really pain for sequence of sub frames though. I must be patient.

E-mount looks large enough for full frame sensor. So Sony might plan to put the full frame sensor in E-mount camera near future.

BTW, this is IR image taken by NEX-5N.

NEX-5N + Fuji IR84 at ISO100

The sensor was very sensitive in NIR. So it allows to take ISO down to 100 for proper shutter speed.


~ by tedishikawa on February 10, 2012.

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