Orion Region

This wonderful image was sent from one of our business partner – Savio Fong in Hong Kong.

BORG 60ED F4.1 + Canon/Hutech 5D Mark II, 40×600″

Looks like the result taken by cooled CCD Camera. A lot of faint nebulosity are shown up. Very impressive, Savio!! Probably his transparent sky (his 4300m-high observatory is located in Tibet) and  clean contrasty optics should be some of  factors for this kind of image. I guess it’s hard to achieve same level by regular telephoto lenses.   This system is shorter focal length than 71FL F3.9. So if someone are looking for widest possible field of view in full frame sensor, this is the one.  Savio Fong is one of long-time partner for Hutech and he is very knowledgeable on BORG and Hutech products. Furthermore, he is taking pictures himself! So please contact him if someone in Asian have any questions or are interested in this type of setup. His contact is


BTW, BORG demand is getting higher and higher these days again. As a result, current lead time is roughly 3 month. Slightly different in each objective.  If someone are interested in using BORG for the coming solar event, it is time to take a step!!

~ by tedishikawa on February 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Orion Region”

  1. I think this could be the best DSLR astro image I have ever seen.

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