7887 – 0.85x Reducer No Longer Available

Finally a last unit of this reducer was sold out. Last batch was running out more quickly. There might be still some customers who are interested in BORG astrographs incorporated with this reducer. But unfortunately, I can’t build up with 7887 any more. I’m sorry for that. We have no plan to reproduce it at this moment.  Since it didn’t require long back focus, it was easy to adapt to other brands refractors without customizing their OTA. So I think more than 50% are using it with non-BORG scopes. This compact reducer was very convenient to use. Thank you, 7887!

Now what available are;

7870 : 0.7x triplet

7878 : 0.78x triplet

7704 : 0.65x quadruplet (New lot this spring)

7885 : 0.85x doublet for Mini Borg

7108 : 1.08x doublet







~ by tedishikawa on February 1, 2012.

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