Erecting Binoviewing – 2

I reported my test for erecting binoviewing last time. Here is the update.

This setup uses a regular long tube and reaches focus at the infinity! The custom-adapter was made by PreciseParts to minimize the length. Above configuration is [Drawtube – 7507 – 7364 – BORG Erecting prism – Custom adapter – Baader]. Some eyepieces might not reach focus at the infinity. But in birdviewing application(relatively shorter distance), any eyepieces should be OK. If the shorter tube is used, I’m sure there is no eyepiece restriction at all.  My favorite Japanese Ortho (shown in picture) has no problem at all.  PreciseParts did great job! Adapter threads are very smooth even in it is metric fine pitch. Generally US machine shops are hesitating to accept the order for metric fine pitch. But PrecisParts is very skillful. I highly recommend if you are looking for the custom adapter. Moreover, cost is very reasonable even if it is one piece. So PrecisParts are very user-friendly machine shop for astro community. As far as I know, this might be 1st attempt with successful result all over the world. Probably BORG is only one which allows for high-power erecting binoviewing.  As mentioned last time, yes this setup still makes the vignetting. But unfortunately no way to avoid. But still bright and clean. This is not as compact as binoculars. But this is a kind of high-power binocular, which regular spotting scopes and astronomical telescopes can’t do.


~ by tedishikawa on January 23, 2012.

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