Since non astro users look visiting my blog too, I thought I should describe BORG Iris family here. Now more  kinds. Here is new ones. As you know, primary purpose is to control the depth of the field. Unlike astro objects, it is more critical to control the depth of the field for terrestrial targets. So this function should be very useful, especially in macro imaging.

Left : M42P1 & Right M42P0.75(t-thread) – 12 blades

So now following 4 sizes are available.

# 7075 : M75, which allows to set Iris behind Series 80 objective lenses. (20 blades)

# 7057 : M57 for Mini Borg series. (20 blades)

# 9421 : M42P1 (12 blades)

# 9420 : M42P0.75 (12 blades)

Unlike conventional lenses’ iris, BORG ones have much more blades. M57 and M75 are more than double. So they create clean round shape. I will prepare for Iris page sometime soon.


~ by tedishikawa on December 7, 2011.

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