Losmandy StarLapse

I start playing around Losmandy’s StarLapse mount.Looks very nice mount. I’m eager to use it for time lapse movie since I’ve never taken such shots. Meanwhile, I’m considering how I want to use this mount as single tracking mount like Kenko SkyMemo R. When Hutech was carrying motorized alt-az mounts, some of non astronomical users purchased. Moreover, more people wanted to program slewing speed based on their favorite. But those mounts unfortunately didn’t have such a function. This is it.  Losmandy should have developed this mount based on the voice from movie or nature photography industry.

I removed the original sadle from the mount and set the different sadle and dovetail bar.  I found them out in Japan long before. I’ve never used. But this might be the time to do. Unlike Losmandy way, I still like end-to-end attachment. Problem is both ends have no orientation function. So they require ball head-like adapter. But I prefer to set a scope as closely to the mount as possible. Generally I don’t like ball head especially when the telescope is used.  So I’m looking for solution other than ball head. If someone has good idea, let me know, please.


~ by tedishikawa on December 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Losmandy StarLapse”

  1. For single axis you could use a panning clamp like available from Really Right Stuff or Benro. With two and an L braket you could get two axis but it would be heavier and larger than a ball head. But with the Losmandy couldn’t you attach a ball head very close to if not right on the polar axis?

  2. I see. Panning clamp, that’s the way to go for me. Thanks for your quick suggestion.

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