KENKO ND 100000 Filter

KENKO high-quality ND 100000 filter is now available.

KENKO ND100000 + BORG 50FL + Olympus E-PL1

This was taken through the thin cloud. So I will keep testing next week under more favorite condition. But this image shows the promising performance. Especially the color looks quite neutral. Personally this color is very favor for me. I’ve never adjusted the color balance.  (A bit of stretching only applies to the above image.)

This Japanese-made filter is well polished to meet astronomical requirements and designed to maintain neutral color balance. 100mmx100mm square and 67mm round mounted are available. 82mm threaded KENKO holder is recommended for the square filter as shown the above. It has the secured lock to prevent a filter from accidentally being slipped down.  This filter should be very useful for next year’s big events – annular eclipse and the Venus transit. The above will be my setup for imaging as well as observing next year. KENKO is the largest filter producer all over the world. Their engineers did great job!!


~ by tedishikawa on November 3, 2011.

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