DZ-2 is well-made. Very solid and easy to setup. I can highly recommend it.

This is super compact spotting scope.  I took it outside and looked around. View was very clean.  Although this is achromat optics, I’m confident it can still compete with most of well-known brand spotting scopes.

The focuser #7860 is most expensive part. Probably this focuser is not good match with Mini 50 in the cost. You may use lower cost focuser such as 7757 or 7857, or set 7316/4317 after the prism as well. There are many options. From this  setup, probably you can figure out how you can build up with parts you have already owned. Least expensive way is to replace above focuser with the extension tube and set 7316(1.25″ nospiece adapter) and 4317 (1.25″ focuser after the erecting prism).  Unfortunately, I didn’t have 7316. I will setup next time. I plan to prepare for spotting/finder scope  package set.  You can create high quality erect-image finder. With 25mm eyepiece, it turns 10x finder. It should be good.



~ by tedishikawa on October 11, 2011.

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