New Office

Here is the new office.  It’s now more shop-like place, which should be more easily accessible to the customers.

Some more stuff should displayed there. All of BORG scopes can be seen.  So please feel free to stop by here, see all of items Hutech is carrying and feel in your hands without your call.

Also I think I can help people who are looking for solutions on other brand scopes, especially Takahashi. I have a lot of optical and mechanical data sheet written in Japanese on each Takahashi scope. So I’m happy to help something as much as I can.

Welcome, anyone and anytime. Some day I want to serve my home-made “Ted Beer” to the visitors who come to my office. So far, my brewing work can’t catch up my drinking volume though……





~ by tedishikawa on October 7, 2011.

6 Responses to “New Office”

  1. Hi Ted Congratulations for the new show room.

    It looks much nicer and you could display a lot of Takahashi

    producks too.

    Hope all is well with you & clear skies.


  2. Nao san

    Thanks. Please stop by us ASAP.


  3. Congratulations! And now I am very curious about “Ted Beer” : )

  4. John,

    If you have the chance to come S.Cal next time, please stop by to drink. Usually I have Pale Ale.

  5. Hi Ted . Congratulations for the new dreams come true office!
    Especialy, thanks very much for introduce “tahahashi”
    I would like to drink ted made beer . lol


  6. Ryu san

    Thanks for watching my blog. Please stop by my office when you come over to US next time.


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