DZ-2 [#7517]

M57 extension tube with mounting block is now available.

Some examples;

Allows to set Mini Borg systems without rings and drawtube assembly.  You can set like the conventional spotting scopes.

The mounting block is compatible with BORG fork mount. So you can set without a special dovetail plate(=#3108). Also there are two pairs of threaded holes at the top and the side, which allows to set finder scope etc.

Red dot finders

We plan to release the complete sets including DZ-2 and erecting prism as spotting scopes.


~ by tedishikawa on September 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “DZ-2 [#7517]”

  1. The 7517 looks very interesting. It will save the weight and bulk of tube rings. Some questions though. What is the tube length? What is the size of the threaded holes on the top and side? Are the holes in the dovetail threaded and if so what thread size? And of course what is the cost?

    Glad to see you’re always coming up with something new even in my wallet doesn’t like it.

  2. Josh,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I believe this should be very good part for Mini BORG users. It’s 60mm long. So it can be simply replaced with 7604-like extension tubes. I’m not sure the specs of the screw. But it’s same as the one used on the mounting block of Mini BORG basic OTA. #7517 is $89.00

  3. Thanks for the additional info. I also found this photo on the Japanese Borg site. It more clearly shows the mounting holes on the foot.

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